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Free Delivery on UK Orders

About Us

The Beautiful Company has been an online jewellery retailer since 2004 providing high street quality jewellery at internet prices.

Our low overheads are reflected in our prices but not the quality of our jewellery as all our gold and platinum items are hallmarked in the UK and the diamonds in our diamond rings are all available with certification.

We also have a 365 day moneyback guarantee so you can be assured what ever you buy will be what you want or we will give you your money back.

If you are planning to buy for a wedding or engagement and are short of time many of our bands can be provided within 5 days.



Are the (insert metal/ring type) solid metal or are they hollow?

The rings are all solid metal, it is actually impossible to produce a hollow ring.

What guarantee do I have of the quality of the (insert metal/ring type)?

All our rings are Hallmarked on the inside, by a UK Government Assay Office. Any attempt to fake a Hallmark is actually a criminal offence.

Where are the (insert metal/ring type) manufactured, in the UK or abroad?

All the rings (insert metal/ring type) are manufactured in the UK.

What are the delivery timescales for (insert metal/ring type)?

Normal delivery is 10 to 14 days but can be faster. Just please contact us before you order so we can confirm that we can meet your timescales.

Can the (insert metal/ring type) be resized if there is an issue with the size?

Yes that is no problem all our rings can be resized at least by one size, up or down, with no problems.

When does the 365 days moneyback guarantee start on (insert metal/ring type)? From when I place the order, or from when I have received it.

Our Moneyback Guarantee starts from the day you receive it.



Free Delivery on UK Orders