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Flat Court Profile Wedding Rings - Platinum

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Flat Court Profile Platinum Wedding Rings

Wedding rings hold great emotional value. Platinum is a luxurious material to craft these precious rings, which will stay with you for life. The quality and the look of the composition instantly floor most people who are looking for commitment rings.

The Beautiful company’s excellent collection of platinum rings is very popular amongst wedding band shoppers. Read on to learn all about the features of these rings and why they are the best fit for your wedding.

The main features of the ring collection

The main traits of the Platinum Flat Court Wedding Ring which make it an excellent choice for your wedding are detailed below:

The composition – Platinum

Platinum is a shiny metal that is more valuable than most materials. It is more expensive than gold and is lauded by many. It makes for the perfect ring, as the material is valued and cared for by many. The platinum holds up the integrity of the flat ring and is an incredible choice for daily wear and tear.

The design – Flat court

A flat court is a design that involves a flat surface on the outside and a round finish on the inside. The flat court is the perfect design for people who appreciate minimalism and the elegance it brings to the look. Wedding ring are the best application of the design as they garner attention without stealing the limelight from the outfit look you have planned.

The quality and warranty

Only the best quality materials and processes are used to manufacture your rings. We run regular quality checks and are certified by accoladed testing agencies for our methods of manufacture. Our rings come with a warranty, the ultimate proof of quality a company can provide. You won’t have to worry about the ring not holding its look in the years to come.

Range of options available

The platinum flat court range is available in a wide range of thicknesses and ring sizes. The thickness varies from 2 mm to 8 mm to suit all types of hands and your likings. The finish style, either rounded or flat, is at your disposal. You can even opt for a matt finish to change the look to fit your aesthetics. Engraving options are also available for wedding dates and small phrases.

What information do you need while purchasing a ring?

When you plan to purchase a Platinum Flat Court Wedding Rings, you should deliberate and decide on these topics:

Accurate ring size

Knowing the correct ring size is crucial to purchase a good ring. The standard size should be confirmed at least twice before you place an order. When you are spending money on an essential purchase of your life, figuring out the ring size is the first step to take while shopping.

Text engravings

If you wish to have some text engraved into the ring, you should think about the most meaningful things to you in your relationship. A simple date of your wedding is the most common engraving people get.

Fingerprint engravings

We offer fingerprint engravings on the ring to mark the special occasion of your wedding. The fingerprints add a layer of personalization to the most special ring which you will carry for life. Our rings are designed to suit the engravings, which are made with great precision and quality.

Style and finish

Our flat band engagement ring collection comes in various designs and finishes. You should decide between the exact thickness of the ring that suits your finger and the shiny or matt finish the ring should have. The inner cut of the ring, whether it should be rounded or flat, is also a decision to make.

How can you contact us?

You can contact us on our website to thoroughly examine the options available. We are available on all major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

We aim to answer all your queries and offer guidance. The Beautiful company believes in providing an outstanding shopping experience to all customers to facilitate your ring search and make good decisions with ample knowledge about your options.

Why choose us?

The Beautiful company houses the best collection of wedding and engagement rings. With a vast array of design options and certified materials like gold, rose gold, and platinum, you are assured of getting only the best rings manufactured.

We offer free delivery for all purchases and have a 30-day money-back scheme to build trust. You will surely appreciate the work we put in to make the finest details look admirable. Visit our website to start shopping for a ring today!

Free Delivery on UK Orders