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Sapphire Rings

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Sapphire Rings

The Significance of a Sapphire

As one of the four precious gems that make up traditional engagement and wedding rings, sapphires are very special. These graceful gemstones are said to represent strength, courage, and wisdom. Here on our website, The Beautiful Company offers both blue and pink sapphire rings.

Blue sapphires are associated with serenity and tranquillity and often signify loyalty and trust also. This makes it a popular choice for many people who want to commemorate true and meaningful friendships. Blue sapphire rings are also often used to celebrate milestones such as graduations, job promotions, and business successes.

Pink sapphires are also naturally occurring gemstones that range in colour from light to deep pink. They symbolize love, passion, and romance, making them a popular choice as a sapphire engagement rings and for weddings. Also known for bringing harmony and balance to relationships, they make an excellent gift for loved ones for any other special occasion.

We Want You To Choose The Best!

Whatever the occasion may be, a ring symbolizes its importance and seals the commitments you are making or the achievements you have made. For this reason, we want you to be involved in forging this life-long symbol. 

All of our rings can be customized according to how you see fit. The perfect gemstone must sit on the perfect metal. We let you pick among white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, palladium, and platinum – all of the variable qualities you require. 

Every hand is unique and each finger is delicate. Being familiar with all the distinct shapes and sizes of fingers, we can provide you with rings in every size. Whether it be a large size T for a men’s sapphire ring or a petite size H for a sapphire ring for women, we can provide them for you.  

Occasionally, you may want a little extra something to make your ring even more special. With custom engravings, you can choose to add a personalized message to your ring. It could be a memorable quote that inspires you or even something simple like a name or a letter. Anything can be meaningful, and we believe that an added engraving will make your ring even more special.

An Overview of a Few Rings We Offer

All of our rings are specially curated keeping quality as our number one priority. As always, each ring comes with a 365-days money-back guarantee as per our terms and conditions. When you purchase sapphire rings from the UK, you should look at The Beautful Company website. Some of the features of our finest sapphire wedding band have been described below:

1. Blue Sapphire Ring - (BSAFET1088)

This particular sapphire diamond ring is perfect for people who like the finer things in life. Sometimes, it is good to show off how far you’ve gotten, and this ring does exactly that. With large 1.19ct sapphires and 1.02ct diamonds, you’re sure to attract attention. It also has an impressive ring width and depth at 4.10mm and 1.60mm respectively.

2. Pink Sapphire Ring - (PSAFET2891)

This elegant ring studded with pink sapphires is the perfect gift as a token of appreciation for your loved one. With 0.30ct sapphires and a ring width and depth of 2.00mm and 1.65mm, the ring may not be immediately noticeable but is sure to leave a lasting impression on your loved one.

3. Blue Sapphire Ring - (BSAFET2891)  

Perhaps you want all of the above features, but you want it studded with blue sapphires. This ring is exactly for you then. You can gift it to a lover, a friend, or even yourself to celebrate a milestone! Blue or pink, they are perfect both as men’s sapphire rings and for women.

4. Pink Sapphire Ring - (PSAHET917)

For the minimalist in you, this ring is perfect. Studded with 0.27ct sapphires and 0.16ct diamonds only on the top, this special sapphire diamond ring has a clean finish. When accompanied by a corresponding band, this sapphire ring looks very posh.

5. Blue Sapphire Ring - (BSAHET1493)

If any ring could prove that blue sapphires can be used as engagement rings, it is this one. It is sure to wake up the romantic in you with its 0.38ct sapphires and 0.23ct diamonds that slightly protrude out. It has an elegant ring width and depth of 2.70mm and 1.30mm. 

Each of these rings has a respectable hallmark of 375 and comes with a luxurious authentic wood presentation case. Every band of these sapphire rings can be customized. They also can come with a ring sizer. These are simply a few among the many rings we offer. Be sure to check out all our rings before deciding on the one you want.

Why You Should Purchase From Us

Despite all the prevalent competition in the industry, we seem to stand out. Our rings maintain the top-notch quality required for your special occasions and yet manage to offer them at reasonable and affordable prices. True to our name, we do not skimp on beauty and make it a point to provide aesthetically pleasing yet cheap sapphire rings customized according to order. 

When asked how we can afford to do this, we have a simple answer: we operate entirely online. Whereas other ring manufacturers are caught up with all sorts of overheads, we wisely cut unrequired costs. This is what enables us to provide you with high-quality sapphire rings in the UK at a reasonable price tag. We even have a 365-days money-back guarantee and charge no delivery fee on orders in the UK. On top of all this, we can deliver in as quickly as 5 days. We are the ideal choice for you!

Connect With Us

We, at The Beautiful Company, provide you with more than cheap sapphire rings. Our website offers rings for every occasion, maintaining the same high standards for them all. You are free to customize attributes such as the band metal, and the ring size, and even include a personalized engraving. We want you to partner with us in crafting the perfect ring for your perfect day! Feel free to reach out to us for any queries you may have. We hope you enjoy shopping at the most beautiful company in the UK!


What makes Sapphire Rings from The Beautiful Company unique?
The Sapphire Rings from The Beautiful Company are made with meticulous attention to detail, blending high-quality gemstones with experienced craftsmanship. Each ring is created to highlight the natural beauty and brilliance of sapphires, distinguishing them as timeless pieces of jewelry.

Do you offer a variety of gemstone options besides sapphire, such as emerald or ruby?
Yes, in addition to sapphire rings, we offer a wide range of gemstone rings, such as emeralds, rubies, and more. Whether you want a simple emerald ring or a stunning diamond and ruby combo, we have something to fit every style and desire.

Are there specific designs available for men's gemstone rings?
Absolutely! Our selection contains a variety of men's gemstone rings that are tailored to suit manly tastes. Our men's gemstone rings are expertly created, offering dramatic and contemporary designs as well as classic and modest forms.

Do you offer gemstone engagement rings for those seeking a unique alternative to traditional diamond rings?
Yes, we recognize that not everyone wants a diamond engagement ring. That is why we provide a wonderful range of gemstone engagement rings, such as sapphires, emeralds, and other appealing jewels. These rings are ideal for couples seeking a unique symbol of their love and devotion.

Do you ship your gemstone rings internationally, including to the UK?
Absolutely! We are delighted to provide international shipping, including to consumers in the UK. Wherever you are in the world, you may appreciate the beauty and elegance of our gemstone rings for women and men, including our famous blue gemstone rings.
Free Delivery on UK Orders