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Gemstone Pendants

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Gemstone Pendants

Let yourself feel the glamour of the pendants sold by “The Beautiful Company”. These dazzling gemstone pendants are created to celebrate uniqueness and brightness with every gemstone revealing its narrative. Its elaborate designs and delicate workmanship enhance the elegance of almost every wardrobe. Discover the appeal of these precious gemstone necklaces that offer the hues and wonderment of colors.

The Beautiful Company - Offering Premium Gemstone Pendants

Enter the realm where every gemstone-embedded pendant tells a story of grace and brilliance. Our collection is an exquisite stock that incorporates premium materials with traditional craftsmanship, designed to create different pieces. One of our stunning items is the 9ct gold 5mm round emerald claw set pendant. This pendant is not just about the glittering emerald but also a show of excellent appeal and splendor. 


On the contrary, the 6X4mm Oval Aquamarine Pendant in 9ct White Gold evokes joy and elegant beauty and represents another kind of splendor. Those, who highly appreciate craftsmanship should consider this a peak of elegance and our 7X5mm Pear-Shaped Sapphire Rubover Pendant in 9ct white gold. The deep blue sapphire, set perfectly in this piece, is a classic accessory that suggests eternal everlasting glamour.


At "The Beautiful Company," every sapphire pendant is an expression of uniqueness and timeless appeal rather than just a simple piece of jewelry. Our pendants, which are expertly made with precision and attention to detail, seamlessly combine elegance with adaptability, making them suitable for both formal events and daily use.

Why Choose The Beautiful Company to Purchase Premium Gold Pendant?

Return Policy: 

At "The Beautiful Company," we go above and beyond to ensure you're happy with your purchase. We have expedited this procedure to guarantee that your experience is hassle-free as we recognize that there are situations where returns may be necessary. 

In the unlikely event that a return is necessary, our policy is made to ensure that our customers have a smooth and easy experience. Send the item back to us by Royal Mail Special Delivery to start the return process. 


Our dedication to customization ensures that every pendant, including the 9ct White Gold 5mm Round Emerald Claw Set Pendant, the 9ct White Gold 6X4mm Oval Aquamarine Claw Set Pendant, and the 9ct White Gold 7X5mm Pear-Shaped Sapphire Rubover Pendant, is more than just an accessory. 

Because each pendant is carefully made, you may choose the design elements and setting style. Your preferred setting type is nicely carried out, whether you want a rub-over setting that emits a more contemporary appeal or a conventional claw setting that highlights the brightness of the diamond.

Prompt Delivery: 

Enjoy a quick turnaround time. Your customized pendant will be ready for delivery within 7 to 10 days. Need it sooner? Simply let us know your desired date in the special instructions box during checkout and we’ll try to accommodate it.


Complimentary Packaging: 

A topaz pendant from "The Beautiful Company" makes a striking statement rather than simply a simple piece of jewelry. Every item of jewelry, in our opinion, ought to be handled like a treasure. For this reason, we include free packaging with every purchase. This includes either a velvetine box for storage or a cardboard box for the pendant.

Tips to Purchase

Know the Gemstone: 

Learn more about the specific gemstone that you want. Know what qualities it has, if you can see several colors it is transparent, and whether it needs any special care. Knowing the gemstone assists in making good decisions.

Quality Matters: 

Determine the quality of the gemstone. Ensure the stone is transparent and has intense colors with no inclusions and flaws whatsoever. It means that a good gem will be brighter and will endure longer.


Consider the Setting: 

In this case, the setting of the gemstone is very important. Select a suitable environment for showcasing the stone’s value. While rub-over settings display a smooth, shielded design. Claw settings reveal more of the gem.


Metal Choice: 

Find the preferred metal. Pick a metal be it classic gold, stylish white gold, or sturdy platinum that suits the gemstone and complements your unique taste.


Size and Shape: 

Think about the nature and structure of the gemstone. The big rocks can be much more striking than the small grains of sand offering understatement. Try different shapes such as round, oval, pear, or square to find your ideal fit.

Benefits of Purchasing Gemstone Pendant 

Obtaining a gemstone pendant is not just about having another lovely piece in your collection. This includes many aspects that make it important and valuable. For example, gemstone pendants have a lot of emotional value and represent special occasions, cherishing memories, or significant moments in someone’s life. They symbolize different memorable milestones in the life of a person and are often inherited by new generations. This gives them an opportunity for personal expression. 


The pendent has different colors and characteristics which make them easily be selected by a wearer. Thus, the gemstone pendant is an extension of one’s style. Gemstone pendants are versatile which means that they blend well with different outfits and occasions. 


These pendants provide an easy and classy appeal to any outfit in formal attire and on the ground. Apart from their aesthetics, some quality gemstones increase in value and can be regarded as investments. This gives them a lasting value that boosts their appeal and aesthetic attractiveness, but also their economic value.

Get In Touch With Our Experienced Team

Do reach out to The Beautiful Company if you would like more details about our enticing selection of gemstone pendants. Follow us on social media to receive updates on our newest arrivals and exclusive deals. 


Follow us on Twitter at @rings4weddings and Instagram at @beautifulcolimited. Interact with us via direct messages or comments, and our staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have and offer advice as soon as possible.


At The Beautiful Company, providing exceptional service is something we take delight in. Our staff aims to provide you with a pleasant experience while you browse our wide selection of pendants made of gemstones. Whether you need guidance, information, or assistance, our staff is enthusiastic about giving you the finest possible service to ensure enjoyment.

Free Delivery on UK Orders