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Gemstone Rings including emerals rubies & sapphires

All come with Free Delivery and a 365 day Moneyback Guarantee, buy now with confidence, avoid future price rises. All from an internet only company with Black Friday prices - everday.

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If you take a sample of mineral crystal. polish and cut it you will have a Gemstone. Gemstones come in all shapes, sizes and types. There are cetain rocks that can also be used to make what is regerded in Jewellery as a Gemstone such as Opal as well as some organic materials such as Amber. Apart from diamonds the onle gemstones that are classed as precious are emeralds, rubies and sapphires with all others being classed as semi precious. Within this category we have the precious forms of gemstone often combined with diamonds to make beautiful multi stone gemstone rings

  • FREE Delivery on UK Orders
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Buy Now, Pay Later
  • Lifetime Warranty

Gemstone Rings

The Beautiful Company has been in the jewellery space since a long time and works towards promoting and expanding the concept of ring shopping online. We promise you your ring will be delivered to your doorstep within five days of purchasing the product if you are working on a tight schedule.

Gemstone rings are the latest trends in the industry. The metal base holds precious gemstones like sapphire, emerald, or ruby to add a pop of colour and shine to the ring. These designs are immensely popular in engagement and wedding rings as they stay elegant for a lifetime.

Why should you choose us?

Here are the main reasons why you should choose us for your gemstone ring shopping experience:

  1. Eye-pleasing designs

Our womens gemstone rings collection is carefully crafted in collaboration with the best designers. We consider classic traits and modern trends to create rings that appeal to a wide range of people who come to ring shopping.

When we design gemstone rings for women, we look to create simple bands, elaborate gemstone work, and elegant options to help women pick a ring based on their desires. Our rings catch attention but blend in well with your look to create a cohesive idea that pleases the eye.

  1. Best quality manufacturing

Every gemstone ring we manufacture is done with extreme care and continuous quality checks. We only want our best work delivered to clients who will treasure the ring all their lives and usually wear them daily.

We only use hallmarked metals and quality-checked gemstones for your ring. To better understand our standards, you can reverify our quality certifications before shopping with us. We assure you a ring worth the money you spend while shopping from our collection.

  1. Wide-range of ring sizes

Our gemstone engagement ring is made available in various ring sizes starting from H to Z. There are sizes in between, too, like H ½, I ½, and so on, to help you get the perfect fit a ring should provide without having to choose a size too small and struggling with the pressure.

A wide range also helps you pick accurately from the collection after using a ring sizer. Standard sizing options must be chosen after verifying your sizes thoroughly to ensure you get the perfect fit for your special day, especially when you are having a quick wedding.

  1. Engraving options

The Beautiful Company offers engraving services on the rings we sell to help you customise the products. Phrases that mean a lot to you in your relationship or names can be chosen for the engraving on your rings. People commonly get the date and time engraved into the rings to make the occasion memorable.

Most mens gemstone rings don’t provide this avenue to offer a hand of customisability. With us, we assure you to deliver excellent scripts on your rings that you will carry for the rest of your life. Small scripts and wedding dates are the most popular engravings ordered with us.

  1. Availability in many metals

Our gemstone rings UK are available in a wide array of metals. The main bases include yellow gold in 9-carat and 18-carat options, white gold in both 9-carat and 18-carats, rose gold in 18-carats, palladium 950, and platinum 950.

With this wide array, you can choose the metal depending on your aesthetic needs and budget to craft the gemstone design to create the perfect ring for a big occasion. These vast options help you determine your desires and create a desirable combination.

The most popular gemstone rings from our collection

The five most popular rings from our gemstone collection are detailed below:

  1. BSAFET1088

This model involves a pattern of 1.19ct Sapphires and 1.02ct Diamonds alternating to form a band. The dotted interior and clean framework of the metal to hold the gemstones are designed to bring out a look of luxury. The ring is only 4.1 mm wide to sit nicely on the finger and catch people’s eye.

The design makes for perfect women's gemstone rings which are simple yet elegant. Most people choose these designs for their weddings. A hallmark 375 is present on each ring we sell, and the ring is available in yellow, white, rose gold, palladium as well as platinum.

  1. BSAFET2891

This model of blue sapphire rings involves a thin band with 0.30ct Sapphires placed with small spaces occupied by the base metal. The ring width is only 2 mm and is available in many metals like Gold, Palladium, and Platinum based on your vision.

If you are shopping for gemstone rings for women who have a minimalistic style, this design is the perfect fit. It is classy, elegant, and sleek without forming the centerpiece of a look. The sapphires bring a glint without being overwhelming and are ideal for a wedding ring worn daily.

  1. BSAHET1729

The design involves placing 0.50ct Sapphires and 0.25ct Diamonds in series to form a ring of width 3.8 mm. The ring uses H colour SI Clarity Diamonds with certifications available to you. The ring has a shiny look that instantly grabs people’s attention.

This gemstone ring has a clean finish with gemstones embedded in it, making it suitable for daily wear. If you are looking for something artistic and attention-grabbing for your wedding, this ring is the perfect fit for you. You can choose the base of any metal you like to design your ring.

  1. EMDHET1284

This design is everything you can ask for in a gemstone engagement ring. The design involves a series of 0.49ct Emeralds and 0.33ct Diamonds for a small section with a plain band finishing the ring. The ring can be crafted with all options of Gold, Platinum, or Palladium to form the perfect piece.

Ring depth refers to the thickness of the ring which sits on your finger. This design has a depth of 1.3 mm, which is optimal for not being heavy to wear. It comes with a wood precision case to help you curate the best proposal for your partner with our collection.

  1. EMDFET944

If you are searching for gemstone men's rings, this design of emerald rings is the perfect match. The ring involves a series of 0.30ct Emeralds and 0.27ct Diamonds placed in a row on one side without grabbing all the limelight of the ring. You can choose the purity level of any form of gold or get it made in Platinum or Palladium.

The ring comes with a 375 hallmark and has a width of 4.3 mm, which is perfect to be noticeable on your finger. The sleek and elegant look complements all your outfit choices and is suitable for everyday usage as a wedding ring.

The benefits of purchasing rings from TBC

The main benefits of purchasing from us are detailed below:

Free doorstep delivery

If you are looking for gemstone rings UK, blue gemstone rings and diamond and ruby ring, you can shop from your home with our services. We offer free delivery services for all orders placed and deliver them directly to your doorstep. This helps you save time on the tiresome process of visiting a store multiple times.

We assure a timely delivery with the best quality of our services. While you may be sceptical of how easy the process is, we work tirelessly to make the process simpler and help you save time and money. The delivery option is beneficial to not worry about follow-ups.

Money-back guarantee

We offer a 365 days money-back system if you are unsatisfied with our products. We give you back what you paid in full if you aren’t happy with the quality and manufacturing of the designs or any other issue. This feature gives you a cushion of purchase to safely shop with us.

The guarantee serves as the ultimate proof of trust in the quality of our products. The Beautiful company’s products come with a lifetime warranty because of the faith we have in our sourcing, manufacturing, and quality check techniques.

Excellent reviews

If you are looking for women's gemstone rings, the best source of advice is the reviews a product gets. From detailed explanations to honest opinions, you get to hear from past customers who have chosen to spend money on a ring to help you make a decision.

We have multiple 5-star reviews on all our products. Our past customers have left excellent reviews and continue spreading the word about our services’ quality. You can go through detailed reviews before deciding to shop with us.

Contact us

You can get in touch with us on major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to clear any queries. We are also accessible to you through our website, which hosts our catalogue. You can browse through all our pieces and decide on the perfect match for you.

We provide the best customer experience by helping you narrow down your options while respecting your priorities. Your budget and aesthetic vision are very important to us. So, what are you waiting for? Get shopping for your unique ring from our incredible collection today!

Free Delivery on UK Orders