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Engagement Rings, Solitaires, Trilogy, and Sidestone Designs

All our engagement rings come with Hight Street quality and internet prices. All come with Free Delivery and a 365 day Moneyback Guarantee, buy now with confidence, avoid future price rises. All from an internet only company with Black Friday prices - everday.

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See our complete range of engagement rings profiles and designs. If there is something you want but don’t see we can do a bespoke ring just for you, just call us on 07487585657 to discuss.

  • FREE Delivery on UK Orders
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With great pleasure, we offer you our selection of the finest and modern Engagement Rings UK to make that question “Will you marry me?” pop just like a Champagne bottle cork. Our Engagement Rings are fashioned in the UK by High-Quality Goldsmiths and wrought from the finest solid metals. We offer Rings made from Yellow and White Gold, Platinum, Palladium, and Titanium. None of our Rings contain Nickel, so you are in no danger of suffering an allergic reaction to them. The Precious Metals we can have your Ring crafted from are all High-Quality jewellery grade and carry U.K. hallmarks to guarantee their purity. The stones which adorn the Engagement Rings in our collection are all sourced from recognised U.K. suppliers known for their ethical diligence. Your Engagement Ring can be made to complement other rings giving you a set to treasure, up to, and beyond your wedding day. Check out our engagement rings prices and offers for your big day!

The Engagement Rings for Your Brightest Hopes

Our stones have lustre, their clarity and colour, and fire, their brilliance. When fashioning stones for womens engagement Rings UK our cutters bring their long years of experience to bear in finding the very cut that best releases the stone’s beauty and allows it to capture and radiate light exquisitely. Light is associated with hope, and you hope fervently for a bright future together. A beautifully crafted Engagement Ring is the absolute ideal token of your aspirations and your abiding love for each other. The glittering choice of an Engagement Ring UK from the range we have for your consideration will offer you the very best gems to mark this happy period in your lives. All our stones come with certification from independent bodies which monitor the international jewel trade. Any stone of 0.30 carat or greater will be a GIA-certified stone arguably the most accurate and sought-after certificate in the world. This assures you of their provenance and guarantees they are absolutely free of any unsavoury taint of conflict finance or human rights abuse. In our treasury of rings, you will see a vast selection of Engagement Rings for women and men’s engagement rings in a variety of metals set with magnificently cut stones mounted in an array of fascinatingly different styles. Eye-catching engagement rings for men will allow you to consider unique Engagement Rings which are special to you and your love for each other.

A Treasury Of Styles For Your Consideration

The larger a jewel is, the more light it will reflect. Women's engagement Rings UK with larger stones have been popularised in a number of enduring styles. In the mid-twentieth century, the Solitaire Ring was the most popular symbol of a young couple’s love and commitment to each other. A Solitaire Ring has a single large stone set in a Tiffany prong mount. The Tiffany Mount, developed by the famous New York jewellery house, holds the jewel very securely and has an elegant simplicity to it. In addition to this, it allows the stone to trap the maximum amount of light around it and reflect it scintillatingly. The Solitaire has justly become a timeless classic. Another style of Engagement Ring set with larger stones which have stood time’s test since the Roaring Twenties is the Trinity or Trilogy Ring. This Ring features three jewels enchantingly mounted side by side representing the happy couple’s past, present, and glittering future together. More recently, two more large stones have been added to the Trinity Ring’s style to make the opulent Five Stone Ring, sometimes called the Fan Ring. More modern styles see classics like the Solitaire supported by rows of jewels on either side of the central stone, these supporting smaller stones are known as shoulder stones, and they draw the eye of the awed beholder to the stunning central gems most beguilingly. An Engagement Ring jewel can be cut into a number of classic styles. The dominant option until recently was the Round Brilliant, but modern tastes change, and the eye-catching Princess cut and romantic Heart cut are increasingly in demand. These cuts have a beauty of their own, but they have been developed to show off the stone in all its captivating glory, and they do this superbly.

Modern Couples Treasure Engagement Ring Sets

Engagement Rings for women have been presented for centuries; the historical reason for this seems coldly mercenary now. The Engagement Ring for women was an assurance the man could support his future bride, and, even less palatably, would be kept by the unhappy woman should the couple split up as a kind of recompense for her having missed opportunities with other potential suitors. Hardly romantic, you will agree, but such were the times. Mercifully, we live in a more equitable, inclusive age and an encouraging sign of this is the fact that men’s Engagement Rings are now being worn with pride. In our collection, you will find a selection of Titanium Engagement Rings to suit a man’s lifestyle and complement his intended’s more feminine Ring. Titanium has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of all metallic elements, so it is extremely scratch resistant, it will not corrode, and is relatively light, so a wide Ring profile will not encumber your finger as you carry out everyday tasks. We also offer engagement rings for men which are wrought from Platinum, a Precious Metal of reassuring heft with a luxuriant silvery white radiance which develops a distinguished patina over time. These treasured Rings allow modern fiancés as well as fiancées to celebrate and commemorate their love and devotion to each other. And the best part is you can buy engagement rings online with unbeatable quality and support. 

Precious Metals in Which to Mount Precious Gems

Yellow Gold has been the first choice for lovers’ rings from ancient times. It still graces the fingers of many a modern bride-to-be as it has reassuring warmth to its lustre which speaks to luxury and romance. White Gold is a lot more sophisticated than it used to be. Modern White Gold is coated with Rhodium to ensure it has a uniformly brilliant, cool white lustre. Rhodium, at about ten times the price of Gold, is known as the costliest metal on Earth. It will not tarnish and is extremely reflective. This last quality makes it a wise choice as a mount for these jewels in particular as it further reflects the stones’ radiation of light making them appear brighter and bigger than they are. As you know, Platinum has greater weight than the other precious metals we have our best Engagement Rings UK made from and has a brilliant silvery white lustre which develops a patina to give it distinction with time. Wish to buy engagement ring UK, Palladium is in the same family of metals as Platinum, and shares most of its qualities, except it is palpably lighter than Platinum, making it a popular choice for those worried a ring could be a burden on their fingers. The icy lustre of both Platinum and Palladium make them perfect matches for the stones set in them. Willing to buy the best engagement rings UK, you will find all these U.K. hallmarked Precious Metals among the Engagement Rings you peruse; we are sure your ideal Ring will be among them. When planning to buy engagement ring online, considering us is the best choice you are making.

Why Our Engagement Rings Are So Reasonably Priced

Planning to Buy engagement ring UK? We are often asked how we can offer such High-Quality jewellery at such low prices. It is an easily answered question. As we are an internet-only company, the overheads for premises, staff, and utilities High Street jewellers have to bear do not burden us. This permits us to maximise quality while keeping prices low. We offer affordable, not cheap Engagement Rings because our means of operating allows us to. In our collection, you will see some of the best Engagement Rings UK jewellers make. We are privileged to be able to offer best engagement rings UK prices compared to other companies. Check out our engagement rings prices which can make you feel delighted. We want your Engagement to be among your most treasured memories. To help assure this, we offer a 365 days money-back guarantee if the rings you commission from us are not the tokens of love and esteem of which you dreamt. So, compared with other premises you may find us delivering affordable engagement rings with guaranteed high quality. Considering Modern engagement rings UK… no reason to wait to buy an eye-catching engagement ring for women or stylish engagement rings for men with us!

Free Delivery on UK Orders