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Nature’s Most Brilliant Gem, Diamond Wedding Rings

In antiquity, the fantastic property Diamonds have for capturing and radiating light more enchantingly than any other gemstone was unrecognised. Diamonds were known for their extreme durability, indeed, their name means adamant, and their rarity. The still controversial Koh-I-Noor Diamond was seen as being so dull at London’s Great Exhibition of 1851 that it required extra lighting around it to attract visitors. The brilliance of the Diamond which we so prize today was not possible until jewellers developed the means to cut and craft this hardest of elements. Once the jewellers’ craft revealed the astonishing brightness of Diamonds to the world, they became objects of desire and intrigue.  Some named Diamonds had urban myths grow up around them, such as the Curse of the Hope Diamond.  Current research and level-headedness assures us these curses are unfounded.  Now expert Diamond cutters train for decades to learn how to bring the very best out of these remarkable stones nature has given us. When selecting the Diamond cut Wedding Rings may be endowed with, there is the round brilliant and styles of it, and nine strikingly different ‘fancy’ options.  Some emphasise the stone’s fire and brilliance, others its colour and clarity, and others combine both elements. As our suppliers are reputable and officially recognised, we can assure you that the cut of the Diamonds mounted in your Diamond Wedding Band will be the very best to allow the gems to display themselves to their fullest effect. For over seventy years, the Solitaire, a single large Diamond held fast in a Tiffany prong mount, has been the classic Diamond Ring. This can be a very clear statement Ring. Other modern options include Trinity Rings set with three large Diamonds representing your relationship’s past, present, and future, and Diamond Rings set with combinations of Diamonds in eye-catching patterns supporting central stones, or encircling your finger in lines or rows. We offer all these styles for your consideration.

Precious Stones Deserve Precious Metals As Mounts

Yellow Gold was the precious metal from which Wedding Rings were traditionally wrought.  Now, for a modern couple’s Wedding Diamond Rings can be fashioned from a range of lustrous metals. Yellow Gold is still a very popular choice for Bridal sets; it speaks of reassuring permanence and has a warm lustre to it which touches the hearts of wedding guests. Yellow Gold’s kindred Precious Metal, White Gold, has grown up a lot. Modern White Gold is coated with Rhodium. Rhodium, to many the most expensive metal on Earth being around ten times as costly as Gold, is a dazzlingly silvery white metal which does not tarnish and is highly reflective. Rhodium plating’s reflective quality seems to magnify the brilliance of Diamonds set in it tricking the eye into seeing the stones as even bigger and brighter than they are in fact. Two more modern Precious Metals are also offered as choice materials for the fashioning of Diamond Wedding Bands, Platinum and Palladium. Both are a silvery white in appearance, neither will tarnish, and both develop a patina over age which deepens and adds to their lustre in much the same way as well polished leather burnishes more attractively with time. Both Platinum and Palladium are extremely hard wearing, the main difference between them lies in their weight, Platinum is the heavier of the two, noticeably so, even in a Ring. So, if your hand requires a thin Diamond Wedding Band, Platinum might be your best option as you will relish its substantial feel as well as its slim elegance.  All these precious metals we offer you are guaranteed jewellery grade and are hallmarked in the U.K. to attest to this.

Whichever Way You Cut It, It’s A Diamond

A Central Wedding Ring Diamond should be the star of the show. In addition to the popular round brilliant cut and its derivatives, Jewellers have developed nine fancy cuts of larger diamonds, each has a beauty of its own, and each lets the diamond show itself to its utmost effect. There is a combination of art and science in the way a Diamond Cutter cuts a Diamond, and the result is always intended to find the best way to display the lustre of the stone, that is its colour and clarity, and its fire, that is its brilliance. A rough guide would be that the greater the number of facets the Diamond has cut into it, the greater the extent to which its fire will be released. However, most cuts allow for planes on the stone’s surface to grant us the best of both of the Diamond’s qualities. For Bridal sets the Princess cut and the Heart cut are very popular options.  Both allow the Diamond to display its gorgeous lustre along with its bewitching brightness.  Most modern Wedding Rings Diamond supporting stones such as shoulder stones or rows and lines of Diamonds set in the Ring’s bezel are cut into brilliants or other less fancy styles. This is because multi faceting on smaller Diamonds can have the undesirable effect of giving them a milky appearance which clouds their lustre and brilliance.

Considerations When Choosing Your Wedding Band Set With Diamonds

Your Diamond Wedding Ring will grace your hand along with your Engagement Ring. Do think carefully about this when looking over the treasury of Rings on offer. A wise bride will decide on a Wedding Ring which will match, complement, or make a pleasing contrast with her other jewellery. We have ample styles and designs of Wedding Rings to allow you to make the very best choice for your wedding day and your married life. A Diamond Eternity Ring makes an enviable Wedding Ring, but do be sure that you have sized it correctly when you place your order.  We advise you to take care in this as, because of the way they are constructed, Eternity Rings are very difficult to re-size. Finally, do consider comfort. Our fingers will not grow to accommodate the rings we choose. You will want to wear your Bridal set in full every day, do consider the practicability of this.

Why Our Prices Seem So Low 


Wedding Rings fashioned from solid, hallmarked precious metals and set with officially certified Diamonds should be expensive, and yet ours aren’t.  You may well wonder how we can do this. It is because we are an internet only company. Trading solely online, we aren’t burdened by the overheads and running costs High Street jewellers have to bear. This means we can cut down on cost whilst maintaining High Standards of Quality. We offer reasonable, never cheap Diamond Wedding Rings because we are able to, and it is our pleasure to do so. Please look over our collections of some of the very finest Diamond Wedding Rings U.K. couples love and treasure to find the Ring to suit you best on the happiest day of your life. 

Free Delivery on UK Orders