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Emerald Rings

The Beautiful Company was established in 2004 to bring premium jewellery to the world of e-commerce. We want to make the online shopping experience for a wedding ring as seamless as possible with excellent results. Customer experience and feedback are valuable to us.

Emerald rings are incredibly trendy in the wedding trends of today. With people being unafraid of colour, emerald is a great choice to bring in an element of luxury and elegance. It bodes well with all metal bases and is perfect for curating your wedding ring.

Why should you choose the Beautiful Company for excellent rings?

You should choose TBC for emerald ring due to these primary reasons:

  1. Best designs

We are a team of excellent designers who research modern trends and preserve classic patterns to cater to a vast audience. Only the best designs make it to our collection to help you choose from the best. With our products, you can customise the finishing to bring your vision to life.

  1. An array of metal choices

The rings can be made with various metal bases, including White, Yellow, and Rose Gold, Palladium, as well as Platinum. Depending on your aesthetic vision and budget, you can choose any metal to craft your ring with the emerald design of your choice.

  1. Appeals to various people

If you are looking to buy an emerald ring UK, you will find your perfect size and design in our collection. We have sizes from H, H ½, I, and so on till Z. This range allows people with all hand sizes to choose the rings of their dreams without limitations and not settle for smaller or larger sizes.

  1. Quality checks

The Beautiful company conducts frequent quality checks on the rings we manufacture to ensure the best results for orders. We implement the best quality metals and gemstones with certifications provided to the buyer to help them see the worth of their money.

The best emerald rings from our collection

The most popular rings from our exquisite collection are detailed below:

  1. EMDFET1088

If you are in search of emerald rings for women, this ring is the perfect fit for you. The design involves a sequence of 1.19ct Emeralds and 1.02ct Diamonds held by a band of Gold, Platinum, or Palladium to suit your vision.

You can end your search for emerald rings for sale with this excellent design which has a width of 4.1 mm to draw attention and form the highlight of your accessories. The ring comes with a 375 hallmark as an assurance of quality and can be engraved with a phrase or date.

  1. EMDFET2891

The design is crafted to provide a minimalistic design choice with a thin band while staying fashionable. This emerald engagement ring UK is made with a sequence of 0.30ct Emeralds spaced to accommodate the base metal of either White, Yellow, Rose Gold, Platinum, or Palladium.

Your search for emerald rings for sale can end with this design, as it has a width of only 2 mm. It comes with a 375 hallmark and can be engraved to hold some words or a date to customise the ring to represent something personal for your special day.

  1. EMDFET944

If you are on the hunt for emerald ring men, this design meets the typical demands of minimalism and elegance. The ring is designed to have a sequence of 0.30ct Emeralds and 0.27ct Diamonds alternating to form a thin sector on the side to preserve the look of the metal ring.

This design is best suited for platinum emerald rings as it showcases the metal and elevates the look with the introduction of emeralds and diamonds. The depth of the ring refers to the thickness which sits on your finger, and the design has a depth of 1.6 mm to maximise comfort.

  1. EMDFET964

This design in the collection is sleek and a perfect emerald ring for men. It has a sequence of 0.19ct Emeralds and 0.17ct Diamonds, which are embedded in any metal you choose. The width of 3.8 mm is perfect for garnering attention to the piece and leaving a mark.

This emerald ring UK is available in various purity levels of 9-carats and 18-carats of Gold or 950 types of Platinum and Palladium. The ring comes with a real wood presentation case to make your proposal memorable for you and your loved one.

  1. EMDHET1284

The best emerald engagement ring UK is this design with its small sequence of 0.49ct Emeralds and 0.33ct Diamonds with a band of premium metals like white, yellow, rose Gold, Palladium, and Platinum. The ring has a 375 hallmark as an assurance of quality and a lifetime warranty.

The width of the ring is 2.9 mm which is perfect for platinum emerald rings. The H colour SI Clarity Diamonds come with a certificate which makes for a reliable engagement ring if you are looking for elegant designs with modern influences.

Benefits of purchasing rings from TBC

The main benefit of purchasing emerald ring from TBC is the doorstep delivery services. We deliver your rings for free to your doorstep to reduce the burden of frequent follow-ups with other ring shops. We can provide rings within five days if you are planning an urgent wedding.

If you are searching for emerald rings for women, we offer the best designs with a lifelong warranty. Our quality certifications and manufacturing processes guarantee an excellent ring that is worthy of your money and the precious emotions associated with it.

Contact us

You can contact us through our website and browse our catalogue to search for the best match for your needs. We are also on all major social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Our team of experts is available for advice on any queries you may have while shopping for a ring.

You can also contact us at our address, The Beautiful Company, PO Box 867, PRESTON, PR3 9DQ. You can call us at our Tel: 07487585657 to reach professionals with vast industry technical experience who can guide you through your shopping experience. So, why wait? Contact us today and get ring shopping.



What makes Emerald Rings from The Beautiful Company stand out among other gemstone rings?
The Beautiful Company's Emerald Rings are remarkable examples of craftsmanship, with high-quality emeralds meticulously picked and set in exquisite patterns. Our dedication to excellence guarantees that each ring is a true masterpiece, with unrivaled beauty and elegance.

Do you offer a variety of options for men's gemstone rings, including emerald designs?
Yes, absolutely! The Beautiful Company recognizes the importance of providing a varied range of gemstone rings for men. Our collection features magnificent emerald rings designed particularly for men, blending manly elegance with the eternal charm of emeralds.

Can I find gemstone engagement rings with emeralds in your collection?
Certainly! Our gemstone engagement ring collection includes a variety of spectacular styles, including magnificent emerald rings. These rings are ideal for couples seeking a one-of-a-kind and significant expression of their love, with the brilliant splendor of emeralds adding a touch of elegance to the event.

Are there options for women's gemstone rings besides emeralds at The Beautiful Company?
Absolutely! Our assortment of women's gemstone rings includes a wide range of options to suit every style and desire. In addition to stunning emerald ring, we have designs using other gemstones such as diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and more, so there's something for everyone.

Do you offer blue gemstone rings alongside emeralds in the UK?
Yes, we do. Our range of gemstone rings in the UK includes magnificent blue gemstone alternatives, ideal for individuals looking for a colorful and eye-catching piece of jewellery. Whether you're drawn to the charm of sapphires or the rich hues of blue topaz, we have something for every taste and occasion.
Free Delivery on UK Orders