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Ruby rings are a timeless and beautiful way to symbolize love, commitment, and eternity when selecting an engagement ring or wedding band. Ruby gemstones have been used in fine jewelry for centuries due to their sparkle and durability, making them an ideal choice for special occasions like engagements, anniversaries, birthdays, and other milestones. Not only is ruby the perfect stone to signify eternal love, but it also offers affordability compared to diamonds while still boasting a captivating beauty. 

History of Ruby Rings

Historically, ruby rings have been synonymous with status as many royals adorned themselves with these precious stones. For example, Catherine the Great had a platinum ruby ring on her finger during official ceremonies, and Queen Elizabeth II wore a platinum ruby ring on her wedding day. Additionally, antique ruby rings often pass down through generations as a way to commemorate special occasions, such as anniversaries or births. 

Benefits of Ruby Engagement Rings

When selecting an engagement ring, the durability of the stone is essential so it can be worn and enjoyed for years to come without damage. Ruby gemstones are strong and durable, making them an ideal choice for those who wish to wear their ring daily without fear of damage. Plus, rubies tend to be less expensive than diamonds while still boasting a captivating beauty that makes them stand out from other stones. 

Popular Ruby Ring Designs

Solitaire ruby rings have long been a favorite for an engagement ring, as the single stone makes it stand out. Additionally, platinum ruby rings are popular choices due to their durability and timeless elegance. Other designs include ruby halo rings with a center stone surrounded by smaller diamonds which create additional sparkle and draw more attention to the ruby stone itself. Ruby wedding bands are also in demand, often featuring intricate details like filigree or Milgrain edges, adding texture and uniqueness to this special piece of jewelry. 

Caring for a Ruby Ring

While rubies are quite durable stones, it is essential to take good care of your ring in order to ensure its lasting beauty. To clean a ruby ring, simply use a soft cloth or mild soap and warm water, gently scrubbing the surface before rinsing with clear water. Avoid harsh chemical cleaners as they can damage the stone's finish and cause discoloration over time. Additionally, store your ruby jewelry away from direct sunlight, which can fade the gemstone's color over time. 

Types of Ruby Rings

From classic mens ruby rings to modern ruby gold rings, The Beautiful Company has a wide selection of ruby rings for women and men, from traditional designs to contemporary looks. With options such as solitaire engagement rings or bands set with multiple stones, there’s something for everyone. 

Quality of Ruby Rings 

All ruby rings from The Beautiful Company are made with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. Each gemstone is hand-selected to ensure its beauty, clarity, and color.

How to Choose the Perfect Ruby Ring

When choosing the perfect ruby ring for yourself or your special someone, there are several factors to consider, such as style, budget, and quality of the ruby. The Beautiful Company has a team of experts who can help you make the right choice.

Ruby Engagement Rings UK

If you're looking for an engagement ring that will stand out from the crowd, consider choosing a ruby and diamond ring from The Beautiful Company. Our rings feature stunning combinations of ruby and diamonds set in gold, platinum or other precious metals.

Ruby Wedding Rings

A ruby wedding ring is a perfect way to represent the bond of marriage. The Beautiful Company offers an exquisite selection of classic and modern designs crafted with beautiful rubies and other gemstones for both men and women. 

Platinum Ruby Ring 

If you're looking for an extra unique ring, choose a platinum ruby ring. This classic and timeless design is made with high-quality craftsmanship and materials to ensure long-lasting beauty.

Ruby Wedding Bands

Consider choosing a ruby wedding band from The Beautiful Company for something unique and different. Our selection of bands is crafted with beautiful stones set in gold, platinum or other precious metals to symbolize your love and commitment. 

Top 5 Ruby Rings by The Beautiful Company

Ruby rings are a classic choice for celebrating any special moment or just simply adding an extra bit of sparkle to your everyday look. Here’s our rundown of the top 5 ruby rings from The Beautiful Company to add a hint of glamour to your ensemble: 

1. Diamond & Ruby Accented Ring: 

This ring features three teardrop rubies surrounded by tiny diamonds set in 18k white gold. The bold contrast in color makes this piece truly stand out, while the delicate silhouette adds a subtle femininity. 

2. Oval Cut Ruby & White Sapphire Ring: 

With its bold ruby centerpiece and halo of white sapphires, this ring is sure to turn heads. The 18k yellow gold setting ensures it will stand the test of time in both style and quality. 

3. Ruby & Diamond Flower Ring: 

This eye-catching 18k white gold ring features a central ruby surrounded by a floral design of tiny glimmering diamonds. The feminine and delicate silhouette makes this piece the perfect addition to any outfit. 

4. Marquise-Cut Ruby Engagement Ring: 

Ideal for expressing your love and commitment, this ruby engagement ring is crafted from stunning rose gold with an elegant marquise-cut solitaire stone at the center. It’s the perfect choice for brides who love a classic and timeless look. 

5. Classic Ruby Solitaire Ring: 

Simple yet sophisticated, this solitaire ring features a single ruby set in an 18k white gold band. The timeless design makes this piece perfect for day-to-day wear or popping the big question. 

No matter your style or occasion, these five ruby rings from The Beautiful Company are perfect for adding a touch of glamour to your outfit!

Why Choose The Beautiful Company to purchase premium rings? 

The Beautiful Company is the ideal choice for anyone looking to purchase premium rings. We have a wide selection of unique rings crafted from the world’s finest materials. Our knowledgeable staff will help you find the perfect ring that is tailored to your individual style and budget. 

Our team of experienced professionals also offers unparalleled customer service, ensuring every purchase is handled with care and accuracy. We use only the most advanced manufacturing methods and employ highly skilled artisans to craft beautiful, timeless designs. Whether you are purchasing an engagement ring or just looking for something special, The Beautiful Company has what you need. 

Our commitment to quality extends beyond our products; we strive to provide excellent customer service and timely delivery of all orders. We offer free shipping and quick turnaround times on all of our rings, so you can rest assured that your purchase will arrive on time. 

At The Beautiful Company, we are passionate about helping our customers find the perfect ring for any occasion. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious diamond engagement ring or just something special to commemorate an anniversary or birthday, we have the perfect piece for you. With our dedication to quality and commitment to outstanding customer service, The Beautiful Company is the right choice when it comes to buying premium rings.

Free Delivery on UK Orders