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Our Beautiful Range Of Eternity Rings For Your Loved One

Eternity rings with Hight Street quality and internet prices. All come with Free Delivery and a 30 day moneyback guarantee from an internet only company.

See our complete range of eternity rings profiles and designs. If there is something you want but dont see we can do a bespoke ring just for you just call us on 07487585657 to discuss.

It is our privilege to offer you a stunning selection of Eternity Rings to mark your married life together. The Eternity Bands you will see are commissioned by us from reputable, ethical U.K. suppliers and are guaranteed of their integrity.  That the stones we can have your Eternity Ring set with come from established U.K. gem houses speaks to their excellence in terms of clarity, colour, and cut – the key factors beyond weight that buyers look for. That they carry official certification means your conscience can rest easy that their provenance is untainted by human rights abuse or conflict. Our Eternity Bands are wrought from precious metals which are the only fit materials in which to mount these most precious of gemstones.  So look over our treasury of rings, and wonder.

  • FREE Delivery on UK Orders
  • Money Back Guarantee
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  • Lifetime Warranty

A Brief History Of Eternity Celebrated With Diamond Eternity Rings

Eternity rings symbolise a married couple’s eternal love and the never-ending future they will share. The earliest Eternity Rings date back to Pharaonic times. Many were plain, but it is clear they were a symbol of a relationship the wearer did not wish to see end, ever. Some of these early Egyptian Rings were cast in the form of a stylised snake biting its own tail, an ancient symbol of infinity. The renaissance of the Eternity Ring came when the Russian and French empires were at their zenith. Noblewomen of the courts of the Romanoff’s and Bourbons displayed the timelessness of their marriages with opulent gems fashioned in Gold and set with brilliant stone by the finest jewellers of their day. So, when you mark the enduring bond you have with this symbol of your love, you are joining a tradition dating back four millennia and taking in some of the most elegant periods of fashion. Among our collections of Eternity Bands you will find Rings wrought from Yellow Gold, White Gold, Palladium, and Platinum.  All these precious metals are High Quality jewellery grade and are hallmarked in the U.K. Your partner will be amazed by the wealth of options to choose from in our range of Rings to celebrate your life together.

Why Eternity Bands Are Given

Tradition sees Eternity Bands presented once a marriage is well established. To commemorate an auspicious wedding anniversary or mark a welcome addition to the family such as a first-born child, an Eternity Ring has been the perfect gift between loving couples. Modern couples need no longer wait for decades to celebrate their enduring union. Diamond Eternity Bands do not simply celebrate time already passed, but, to the forward thinking, they pledge the long years of happiness a couple will share. Eternity Rings are still exchanged to add to the joy of the birth of a child, in this they become representations of the never-ending circle of life. All the reasons couples have to share Eternity Bands share the concept of durability, and the perfect symbol of durability is the Diamond, the hardest and most brilliant of gems.  

Precious Metals, The Fitting Mounts For Precious Gems

Gold has been the traditional precious metal from which Diamond Eternity Bands have been wrought. However, modern couples now have greater freedom to select Bands fashioned from two other precious metals to mark the enduring happiness of their lives together. Platinum and Palladium make sophisticated modern jewellery and complement the brightness of the stones most attractively. A Platinum Eternity Ring has the same white lustre as White Gold, but a greater heft to it; you will feel that you are wearing a ring of substance. The lustre of Palladium is Platinum’s equal in beauty, except it is lighter on the finger. These more modern metals are popular choices for Eternity Rings as their naturally white sheen speaks of purity and fidelity. Gold is still a very popular Precious metal, and always will be. The warm lustre of Yellow Gold contrasts luxuriously with the cool brilliance of the jewels, making a classic combination. White Gold is now a lot different to that which our grandparents prized. The White Gold used to craft our Eternity Rings is plated with Rhodium, an incredibly rare and precious metal.  Rhodium gives White Gold a uniformly bright, white colour. In addition to this, the highly reflective property of Rhodium means the light radiated by stones set in it is increased making them appear even larger and more brilliant than they are.

Men Can Mark Their Enduring Marriage Too

Eternity Rings used to be worn only by wives and mothers.  We are blessed to live in a more inclusive age, and husbands are now free to share in the material celebration of the great spiritual and romantic phenomenon that is a joyful, enduring marriage, or happy parenthood. An Eternity Ring for Him can match or complement the bride’s and make you both feel proud as friends and family see you wear your set of Rings. We have Mens Eternity Rings to suit all tastes, and our website will open your eyes to possibilities you had probably not considered before. You may worry that your lifestyle will mean a Full Eternity Ring would be impractical, this is not necessarily so.  The range of different cuts of stones mean they can be set deeply into an Eternity Band so they will not encumber you in the least, nor scratch the things with which you work.

Why Our Prices Are So Reasonable

To most, a Band of precious metal with a row or rows of jewels fully encircling the finger would seem likely to cost a fortune. Our prices may astound you as much as the treasure chest of options we have for you to choose from for your Eternity Bands. The fact that we are exclusively an internet company means we don’t have extra costs to bear ourselves. The High Street jewellery stores you might visit have to carry overheads for premises, utilities, and staff; we don’t. This means we do not have to compromise in any way on quality as we offer you affordable never cheap Eternity Rings. To ensure your Rings are absolutely as you want them, we have a thirty day money back guarantee. So look over our collections and find yourselves the High Quality Eternity Rings U.K. couples esteem. 



Free Delivery on UK Orders