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Diamond Wedding Rings & Diamond Wedding Bands | The Beautiful Company

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So why choose a Diamond Wedding Ring?

You may be wondering why you should choose a Diamond Wedding Ring over a simple plain band. There are a number of answers to this question. Firstly there is the fact that choosing a Diamond Wedding Ring is a more opulent, engaging and interesting choice than a plain band. When you are showing of your diamond wedding ring it will sparkle and refract the light and be more delightful to behold. The second reason is symbolism. The ring itself being a circle is a symbol of your eternal and undying love, adding a diamond to make a Diamond Wedding Ring adds another layer of symbolism. The diamond is the hardest wearing of jewels as well as being one of the most beautiful and is therefore symbolic of your love lasting the test of time. The last reason is that of style, you can choose the size and type of diamond that brings your Diamond Wedding Ring into line with your engagement ring and makes them an aesthetically pleasing pair, and, like you and your partner, look like they were made to be together.

Is it too much for men to have a Diamond Wedding Ring?

This is a common question, and the answer really is all about how confident you are in yourself. Simple single stone Diamond Wedding Rings are never really over stating anything, they just look good! If you are a bit more confident, the multi stone Diamond Wedding Rings we have in our collection will certainly add a bling value that will complement your other jewellery, whilst being enough on its own to make you stand out from the crowd.

Then how do I choose the Diamond Wedding Ring that’s right for me?

When you are faced with the many choices available within our range its fortunate that we provide samples of any of the Diamond Wedding Rings you might choose. If you can’t decide just buy one of them (probably the cheapest!) and then let us know in the special instructions box you will see when checking out which of the others you would like to see samples of and we will dispatch them all by recorded post so you can choose your favourite Diamond Wedding Ring in the comfort of your own home.

Diamonds: Nature’s Most Enduring Thing of Beauty

The word Diamond comes from the same Ancient Greek word that we get the word adamant.  Its name signifies its hardness. This is not what most of us prize diamonds for these days. You will probably be surprised to learn that gems of antiquity actually look quite dull in comparison to their modern equivalents.  This is because it was not until the jewellers craft developed ways to cut and fashion diamonds into multi-faceted stones that the superlative brilliance of diamonds was revealed. More than any other jewel, a Diamond traps light, and radiates it in the most eye-catching way. Our expert suppliers in the U.K. carefully choose the very best Diamonds. In doing this, they ensure their colour is exquisite, their clarity blemish-free, and their cut of the finest quality. All this means that the stones which surround your finger in our Diamond Eternity Bands capture and radiate light superbly to make a dazzling statement about your love and its bright future.

Why should I choose The Beautiful Company?

Well probably the best answer to that question is “why don’t you read our reviews”. We have hundreds of satisfied customers who have taken the time and trouble to write a review on our behalf, and some of them will have been for Diamond wedding Rings. So have a look and buy with confidence, especially as we have a Money Back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied and a Lifetime Guarantee for the workmanship that has gone into every ring we offer.

Free Delivery on UK Orders