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Palladium Wedding Rings & Palladium Wedding Bands UK

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Palladium: an exclusive modern choice for discerning couples

Among precious metals used for wedding rings, Palladium is a relatively recent arrival. It was discovered in 1802.  Its rarity adds to its exclusivity, there are only a handful of countries producing it commercially.  Its use in jewellery has, until recently, been combining it with gold to cast white gold.  However, when platinum’s industrial applications prevented its use for jewellery, a palladium wedding ring became a sought after alternative.  After all, palladium is in of the platinum group of metals.  Today, up to date casting and crafting allows us to offer a wide selection of styles for modern couples to choose from. Palladium is the most recent precious metal to be hallmarked making it a truly twenty-first century choice for twenty-first century couples. We offer hallmarked UK palladium wedding rings fashioned from jewellery grade Palladium 500 (where stated) or 950.

Why palladium is popular for wedding rings for men

Mens wedding rings made of palladium are extremely durable and resistant to tarnishing. While it is advisable to remove palladium rings before performing hard manual tasks, men can be confident that their wedding ring will not be scratched if they leave them on accidentally. A palladium mens wedding band will not scratch as such; rather it develops a lustrous patina with age which adds to its elegant beauty.  The weight and volume of the ring does not diminish as the precious metal is simply slightly displaced on the band’s surface. A professional polishing of your palladium wedding ring will restore the metal to its original place and make it look as it did on your wedding day. Looking at palladium mens wedding bands you will see hardly any difference between them and similarly styled wedding bands made of platinum.  The two metals are akin as elements.  The difference lies in the weight, palladium is less dense than platinum, so mens palladium wedding bands will not feel cumbersome when men have got to do the things they have got to do.  That said, it is strongly advised that you remove palladium mens wedding bands when handling corrosive materials such as bleach, don’t trust protective gloves to safeguard the mysterious allure of your gem.

Why palladium is such a delight to the eye

As a malleable metal, palladium can be shaped, fashioned, and wrought in a wide variety of styles to make the scintillating mens palladium wedding band of your desire. The patina palladium develops, which deepens its lustre and adds to its beauty, is displayed to great effect on a court ring. Palladium court wedding rings have a profile in which both the outer and inner surfaces are rounded.  This not only makes the ring more comfortable to wear, but shows off the depth of the patina from every angle.  A court ring also offers an ideal surface for intricate designs to be engraved into the wedding band; these enchanting designs will only stand out more sharply as the ring’s surface develops its august patina. The mens palladium wedding rings you commission from us are crafted and hallmarked in the UK.

Palladium: an ideal setting for Birthstones

Palladium mens wedding bands are made even more exquisite when they are graced with carefully selected high quality birthstones. The silvery white beauty of a palladium wedding ring is further enhanced by brilliant jewels which trap light and radiate it entrancingly because of their intricate cut. The durability of palladium means it is an extraordinarily secure mount for gemstones, and, for your wedding ring, there is no more precious gem to ornament it than the diamond.  Palladium wedding rings with birthstones are made to your specifications on our expert advice.  A mens palladium wedding ring set with jewels may seem a big investment, but, remember, we guarantee that you get the wedding band of your dreams, or we will refund you within thirty days. 

Make your wedding ring your own

There are a variety of styles for you to choose from when you commission your palladium wedding band. An enduring, classic choice is a solitaire; a single, beautifully cut birthstone selected for its colour and clarity shining forth from the centre of your mens palladium wedding band. A more modern classic style is the trinity or trilogy ring.  This palladium mens wedding ring is adorned with three jewels of the same size which are a testimony to you and your partner’s past, present, and future together. Mens palladium wedding rings can also be shaped and set with complementary clusters of gems as you choose, this adds to the rarity and exclusivity of your ring. Browse our comprehensive galleries to gain an idea of the vast scope of options for palladium mens wedding bands to help you to create the wedding ring of your heart’s desire.

Let us help make your wedding a silvery white wedding

Your wedding should be as special as you are.  When you browse our range of palladium mens wedding rings, think of the day your ring will first grace your finger.  The gravity of the occasion is reflected in the words we hear in the cinema, “With this ring, I thee wed.” Then think of the bright future you have ahead of you together.  Palladium is a modern metal, true, but it has a brightness and strength to it which will complement the happy solemnity of your special day, and stand the test of time as your married life progresses. The magical allure of a palladium wedding ring is made all the more bright and enduring when set with the hardest and brightest of gemstones, diamonds. Our palladium wedding rings fashioned and hallmarked in the UK will be enduring ornaments to remind you of that joyful union for the rest of your lives.







Free Delivery on UK Orders