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Platinum Wedding Rings & Platinum Wedding Bands

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How we ensure you get Quality Platinum Wedding Rings and Bands For Less than the High Street asks

The value of Platinum and is high because both are rare.  This does not mean that you cannot find affordable Platinum Wedding rings set on offer in the U.K.  As we are an internet only company, our Platinum Wedding Rings are cheap when compared to similar Platinum Wedding Rings in High Street Jewellery shops.  Not only that, but we deliver your Platinum Wedding Rings for men and women free of charge, and guarantee you your  money back within thirty days if the rings you have ordered do not suit you.  Do note that you can order our rings anywhere in the world. Just because we are based in the U.K does not mean we cannot deliver jewellery to you outside the U.K., we can.

Rest assured we can make your choice of Platinum Wedding Rings and Bands in your sizes

Our treasury of profiles and shapes, patterns and styles, presents you with a wide range of mens Platinum Rings as well as a complementary array of rings and bands for ladies. Our skilled specialists can fashion any size and any width of patterned Platinum Wedding Rings as well as plain Platinum Rings and Bands.  Should you feel you need to, please don't be afraid to call us for reassurance on 01995606965, mind you, the answer will doubtlessly be in the affirmative!

Platinum’s Royal Reputation makes it a desirable material for Platinum Wedding Rings and Bands

Louis the Fifteenth of France declared that Platinum was the only metal fit for a king.  A bold claim, as Europe only began to research Platinum seriously towards the end of his reign.  However, the noble metal’s beauty, durability, and extreme resistance to corrosion, justify this royal claim. Platinum can also claim a royal seal of approval for queens since it frames the Crown of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother.  These qualities make Platinum a highly desirable choice for wedding rings. 

Why Birthstones complement Platinum

Ladies have long had their ring fingers graced with eye-catching jewels, and now mens Wedding Rings can be adorned with gemstones.  What stone could be more suitable to complement Platinum other than birthstone?  Birthstones get their name from the jewel associated with the month you were born.  So, mens and ladies Platinum Wedding Bands with added birthstones can symbolise you, your partners or your childrens month of birth or marriage.  Birthstones have been around for centuries.  The way they can catch and reflect light delights the eyes, and captures the imagination.  Many Birthstones have names reflecting their origin and history.  Controversy, scandal, and myths have been attached to some, this shows the extent of the spell they have cast over us, and how we can be awed by them. Our specialists will cut, select, match, and set the stones you decide on just as you wish.

Sample before you select your Platinum Wedding Ring

As you browse through our selection of mens and ladies Platinum Wedding bands you will realise we have an extensive selection of shapes and styles for you to choose from to make your rings as special as you could wish for on your happiest of days.  A multiplicity of choices can be bewildering, so do take advantage of our sampling service before you arrive at your final decision.  We want you to be absolutely satisfied with the Platinum Wedding Rings our experts craft for you, so, sample as many as you need to.

Your Wedding Rings can be extensions of your personalities

Platinum’s renowned durability means it can be fashioned and textured in many highly attractive ways. Among the wide selection of Wedding Bands and Rings we offer, you will see traditional, classic, and modern designs.  You know your personality and tastes, and those of your partner’s best; you know whether the simple elegance, elaborate ornamentation, or subtle sophistication of your platinum and diamond wedding bands will best suit you as embellishments.  We are confident you will find the ideal tokens of your love and affection in our collections of Platinum Wedding Rings.   You may have special requirements, we can meet these.  Our experts can contour a Platinum Wedding Band so it will be set off to the very best of its potential on your hand, think tailor-made or bespoke, rather than off the peg.  

Consider your Wedding Bands as a complementary or matching pair

As a couple, you may desire matching Wedding Bands, or you might decide to each have your own individual style with a matching feature, or even to select rings which will complement each other.   There are many patterns we can add to make the tokens of your love just right for both of you.  Some are bold and striking, some delicate and enchanting, and others intricate and intriguing. We encourage you to consider these options together so your choices are right for both of you.

How Platinum’s lustre deepens over the years

You are likely to wear your Platinum Wedding Ring every day, and you will want the designs you have ordered to last and impress others just as much as they did on the day you were wed.  Engravings in gold wear over time and become fainter; happily, this is not the case with shaped and textured Platinum Wedding rings.  As time passes, Platinum will develop a patina which gives a wedding band fashioned in it a deeper, richer lustre in much the same way that well cared for leather’s sheen mellows with age.  The patina will not diminish the colour, and will make the special features with which our service has provided you stand out even more proudly. 

Our comprehensive range of Platinum Wedding Ring profiles

Mens Platinum Wedding bands can be ordered in varying widths.  You will find that Platinum is a metal with a very satisfying weight to it.  This pleasing heft reassures its wearers of its high quality and desirability.  You will also want a ring which is comfortable to wear every day.  Court rings can be shaped to different degrees of roundness to make them fit your finger without limiting your dexterity.  A flat court ring is rounded inside, leaving a broader external surface on which to have your design of choice embellished. Fuller court rings and bevelled rings will feel and look prouder on your hand and can still be finished with the patterns and designs you choose. Look through the Buyers Guide for detailed descriptions of our rings’ range of profiles.

Choose the Wedding Rings and Bands you both deserve

You have made the biggest decision already, now enjoy making some more to ornament your wedding day, and adorn your life together in the way you deserve.

Free Delivery on UK Orders