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Men’s & Women’s Rose Gold Wedding Rings and Wedding Bands

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The warmth and discretion of Rose Gold Wedding Rings

Rose Gold has an attractive blush, which brings warmth to the jewellery crafted from it, and discreetly complements precious stones such as Diamonds. High quality goldsmiths have been fashioning exquisite gems from it since the eighteenth century and its warm seductive glow is greatly prized by collectors of vintage jewellery.  It was the Gold of choice for Carl Faberge, jeweller to the Romanoff court, when he designed the famous Moscow Egg. The Moscow Egg was the most expensive of Faberge’s commissions from Czar Nicholas II and was a gift to the Empress Alexandra. So, spectacular was the work Faberge wrought for the Czar that, for a time, Rose Gold was known as Russian Gold. The qualities appreciated by the cognoscenti of Imperial Russia are still valued today, making Rose Gold a highly desirable choice of precious metal for a set comprising a Rose Gold Engagement Ring and Wedding Band.

How Rose Gold Wedding Rings differs from Pink and Red Gold 

These three precious metals are similar in that they all have copper added to their Gold. This is because pure Gold is so malleable that it is unsuitable for jewellery intended for use every day.  The difference between Pink, Rose, and Red Gold lies in the amount of copper used to form them.  Pink Gold has the smallest percentage of copper in it, making it the softest of the three.  Red Gold has the largest percentage of copper, which means it is the strongest.  However, over time Red Gold can become brittle because of its high copper content.  Rose Gold has been made since ancient times, and is a happy medium between the two other alloys. High quality goldsmiths fashion desirable Rose Gold Wedding Bands for Men and Women because of this.

The attraction of Rose Gold for Women

Rose Gold’s gorgeous pinkish blush means it suits a broader range of skin tones than Yellow and White Gold. Rose Gold Wedding Rings for women are esteemed for this reason.  A glowing Rose Gold Wedding Band can be expertly fashioned in a multiplicity of womens styles.  Cartier’s groundbreaking Trinity ring of the 1920s with its three bands of Rose, White, and Yellow Gold caused resurgence in the popularity of Rose and Yellow Gold Wedding Bands. Nowadays the jeweller’s craft allows for a stupendous array of styles and shapes for your Rose Gold Wedding Band. Womens styles can be more ornate than mens, and so, are often more precious. Precious metals make more precious gems when they are set with expertly selected, beautifully cut birthstones.  The copper in Rose Gold gives it strength, and this strength makes it an excellent mount for gemstones. The jewels can be set into any style of Wedding Ring; Rose Gold secures them in it most attractively. You will see we offer a treasury of different cuts of Diamond in a range of sizes carefully chosen for their colour and clarity. All these factors contribute to the stunning brilliance of our gems. Women can choose from an array of styles offering great comfort, such as our chamfered and court rings, proud definition, found in our D shaped rings, and elegance, exemplified in our shaped rings.  We have a vast assortment of weights and widths for a modern bride to select from when choosing her Rose Gold Wedding Ring.    

The appeal of Rose Gold for Men

A discerning modern bridegroom will appreciate the traditionally valued warmth and discretion of this precious metal, and will also note another quality recently recognised in Rose Gold: decadence.  Yellow Gold is the traditional colour of Gold, White Gold has the silvery cool look of Platinum, but Rose Gold has something added to it to make it seem more than just Gold.  New Yorker magazine puts it well when it says Rose Gold is Gold for people who have enough Gold Gold and want something more. The copper used to form Rose Gold gives it durability men will glory in, and that extra something makes it that much extra special. Rose Gold Wedding Rings for Men are growing in popularity and when set with Diamonds add further value and mark your marriage with the most highly prized of gems. A Tiffany Rose Gold Wedding Band is set with a single solitaire jewel, traditionally a one carat gem, in the elegant prong mount originally designed by Tiffany’s of New York.  This is a setting which shows off the gem to its very best advantage allowing it to capture and radiate light, and is renowned for its security in holding the gem fast. The jewels we can adorn your Mens Rose Gold Wedding Band with are all officially certified as a guarantee of their high quality and blemish-free provenance.  The extensive selection of styles and profiles you can select from for your Rose Gold Mens Wedding Band mean you can match your ring to your partner’s, or opt for a style which will complement hers. 

Let your Jewelled Wedding Ring tell your story

The single gemstone which graces a Tiffany Wedding Ring has long been taken as a symbol of the unity and strength of the wearer’s marriage.  This is a simple, beautiful idea.  Twenty-first century couples are offered further choices to let the world know how very special their union is.  A Trilogy Rose Gold Gemstone Wedding Ring is set with three complementary jewels.  The central gem represents the couple’s present, the supporting gem to the left, their courtship, and the gem to the right, their bright future together.  Again, this is a simple, beautiful idea. Another option is to have clusters or rows of jewels set in the rings.  These adornments may be fashioned in a range of different styles with different cuts and sizes of gems.  Some modern styles are reminiscent of other styles of rings, and these are options to consider if you intend on celebrating your union with gemstone rings in the future.  Your story is unique; you can tell it in a simple or sophisticated way with beautiful rings.

We can make you the Wedding Band sets of your dreams

Together have made a momentous decision, you are about to get married.  You now have another decision to make; you need to choose Wedding Rings for your happy day.  Peruse our website to see the scintillating selection of styles of Gemstone Rose Gold Wedding Band available to you.  If you find yourselves becoming bewildered by the dazzling array of Rings on offer, use the filters to refine your search.  You probably won’t be in a hurry, but, if you are, some of our Rings can be delivered within the UK in as little time as five days. Our guaranteed money back return within thirty days is a pledge of our wish to help you find the Rose Gold Wedding Rings you desire and have them set with the glittering Diamonds you choose. Let us help you make your special day that much more special.








Free Delivery on UK Orders