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White Gold Wedding Rings & White Gold Wedding Bands

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Be assured of the quality of our White Gold Wedding Ring as they are fashioned here in the U.K. and all carry the U.K. hallmarks 750 for 18ct white gold wedding band and 375 for 9ct. We guarantee our Mens White Gold Wedding Ring and Womens White Gold Wedding Band are crafted in solid metal. Further, cheap Wedding Rings UK often contain nickel; we assure you ours do not, as this may put the wearer at risk of suffering an allergic reaction. We have our White gold men Wedding Bands plated with Rhodium to give them extra sparkle and a sophisticated whiteness. Rhodium plating also sets off any gems to their very best effect as you can see in our range. We have White Rings and Women’s and Mens White Gold Wedding Bands in a true array of designs and styles for you to choose from.

The Cool Allure of White Gold Wedding Rings for Women UK    

White Gold Rings for Women have been popular since your grandmother’s times. Some people ask; What is white gold, white Gold was seen to symbolize the purity of a Wedding, and it still does for many couples. The Ladies White Gold Wedding bands and Rings popular today differ from those our Grandparents cherished, they are a lot whiter and far more reflective. For Wedding Rings, white gold eternity band, which once spoke to modesty, now has a daring, icy attractiveness to it. This is because it is coated with Rhodium, an extremely rare precious metal that would not have been easily available in the past. This Rhodium plating means a Thin White Gold Wedding Band Men or White Gold Wedding Band for Women sparkles with a scintillating sheen that catches the eye and will add to the brightness of all your memories of your happy day. The highly reflective quality of Rhodium also means that patterns engraved on our White Gold Wedding Rings Ladies are made all the more attractive as they seem to capture and radiate their own light in the way a single candle can illuminate an entire hall of mirrors. Browse our galleries to get an idea of the staggering scope of the designs into which White God can be fashioned to create stunning Wedding Rings to suit any bride on her big day and throughout her married life. All these factors make white gold wedding band women a cool, sophisticated choice for twenty-first-century brides. Check out our womens white gold wedding rings.

Why White Gold Wedding Ring Appeal to Modern Men

As a precious metal for Men’s Wedding Rings, White Gold Mens Ring is an increasingly popular modern option. The icy brilliance of Rhodium-plated White Gold men’s rings has great panache and makes a statement at once, formal and dashing. Our range of Men’s Gold Wedding Rings has options for the modern man from the classic, to the ultra-modern. The high lustre of Rhodium plating can be muted to your taste in Matt finishes, if you wish, or highly polished to outshine commoner white metal jewellery. A Matt finish also serves as a very effective surface on which to display intricate designs which can adorn your ring. You will find we offer mens white gold ring in an assortment of shapes; our gold wedding ring for men offers you comfort, style, or a raised profile. A ring’s profile is what it would look like in a cross-section. Court rings are a popular profile for white gold wedding ring sets. These men’s white gold rings are pleasingly rounded on their outer and inner surfaces, offering you great comfort as you wear them every day, plus a look of substance. Men’s Wedding Bands gold can have chamfered edges, this is a very stylish modern profile. If you want your wedding White Gold Rings for men to stand out proudly on your finger, you should consider one of our D-shaped profiles; these also give the impression of a reassuring heft to the ring. For modern men, a White Gold Men’s wedding rings UK outshines all the other white metal rings made from lesser metals and leaves them in the shade. We advise you to remove your Rhodium plated white gold diamond Rings for weddings if you are handling corrosive substances, don’t trust protective workwear to protect your precious jewelry. Our Men's gold wedding bands and White Gold Men’s Wedding Rings are available in a comprehensive selection of weights and widths from which to make your ideal choice for your happy occasion. Do consider weight and width as you are going to wear this special gem every day and we want it to feel just right on your finger from the day you make your vows to each other onwards. 

Matching and Complementary White Gold Rings for your Wedding 

As you start your married life together, why not choose White Gold Wedding Ring together so that they match and complement each other as perfectly as you do as a couple? This lovely, touching thought can be made a precious reality by carefully selecting your White Gold Wedding Rings his and hers together. Your rings can also imaginatively reflect your style and personality, and we have a vast selection of styles and designs for you to mix and match. You know each other better than anyone else; you know each other’s tastes and particular fancies. Together you can bring this intimate knowledge to bear on your choice of gold mens wedding bands that will be exclusive to the two of you alone. Some couples choose matching white gold wedding bands for women and men, and even rings that differ only in the weight and width of the white gold diamond wedding band. However, imagination and knowledge can be combined to arrive at choices unique to you both. A groom might opt for a shaped wedding ring white gold men and the bride might go for Wedding rings white gold for women. The groom could also select a less fancy ring that features a simpler pattern mirroring the shape of the brides. Together, these rings will display both grandeur and taste. White Gold Women’s Wedding Rings sets can make very eloquent statements about you and your marriage. Wedding Ring gold women's sets worn for the first time are eagerly photographed by wedding guests and are seen as one of the most tangible celebrations of the happy occasion. So, spend a little time together considering the treasury of His and Hers Wedding Rings White Gold or elegant plain white gold wedding bands his and hers that can be fashioned into by our U.K. suppliers. 

Rhodium Plating and its Most Obvious Complement, birthstones

White Gold is plated with Rhodium to protect it, and give it a uniform, brilliant white finish. Rhodium is an extremely rare precious metal. Often valued at ten times the price of gold, it is known by many as the most expensive metal on Earth. When polished, Rhodium is very highly reflective, catching and reflecting light like the most prized of gemstones. Birthstones set in Rhodium-plated White Gold reveal a very pleasing optical illusion as yet not widely realized. The reflective white surface of the ring adds to the light the birthstones capture and makes the gems appear bigger and brighter than they would if set in other metals. In the middle of the twentieth century, the solitaire ring became a popular style for Birthstone Male and Female Wedding Bands and is now viewed as the timeless classic for lovers’ rings. It is a single gem usually elegantly and securely set in a Tiffany or prong mount. More modern styles include the trilogy or trinity ring. These are rings set with three gems of equal size symbolizing your past, present, and future together. In women's band rings you may also choose to have clusters or lines of jewels gracing your rings. All these styles and designs can be found on our website. We offer a wealth of White Gold Gemstone Wedding Bands and Women’s gold band rings. Setting a Wedding Ring with gemstones may sound like an extravagance; however, as we are an internet-only company, we are a lot more affordable than others as we do not have to factor High Street shops’ overheads into our prices. By operating this way, we are not forced to sacrifice quality, but rather, are able to offer greater choice at less inflated prices than traditional High Street jewellers. By adorning the precious tokens of your love with birthstones White Gold Wedding Rings for men UK and simple White Gold Engagement rings for women, we can create for you the couple's treasure forever.

A Question of Time

We want you to be absolutely satisfied with the White Gold Mens Wedding Bands we have made for you. To ensure this, we have a 365-days money-back guarantee which lets you examine the ring and return it if it does not, please you. We understand, not everyone has the luxury of time when arranging their wedding and the happy day can suddenly seem to be approaching a lot faster than you had expected. If you find yourselves pressed for time, and still haven’t got your Wedding Rings, relax, some of our designer men’s wedding band white gold can be sent to you in a mere five days’ time. Please, browse the pages of our site to see the overwhelming choices before you, or use the filters to refine your search. We will be pleased to offer you the high quality, UK hallmarked Men’s White Gold Wedding Rings and white gold diamond wedding band you desire and have them set with gemstones.


FAQ - Wedding Rings

Are white gold wedding rings suitable for both men and women?
Yes, white gold diamond wedding bands are adaptable and come in styles suitable for both men and women. They provide a sleek and beautiful choice for couples who want matching or complementing wedding rings.

How does white gold compare to traditional yellow gold for wedding bands?
White gold provides a modern alternative to classic yellow gold wedding bands. It is made by combining pure gold with white metals like nickel, palladium, or silver, resulting in a stunning silver-toned finish that complements a variety of designs and gemstones.

Are there options for men's wedding bands in white gold?
Yes, there is a varied assortment of white gold mens rings. These bands come in a variety of widths, designs, and finishes to suit diverse tastes, ranging from simple plain bands to intricately ornate versions.

What makes white gold wedding rings a popular choice for couples?
White gold diamond wedding band are popular because of their modern design, durability, and adaptability. They combine the timeless beauty of gold with a contemporary twist, making them an excellent choice for couples seeking exquisite and long-lasting symbols of their devotion.

Can white gold wedding rings be customized to suit individual preferences?
Yes, many jewelers have customization choices for white gold wedding rings, allowing couples to personalize their bands with engraving, gemstone embellishments, or distinctive design aspects. Whether the design is clean and minimalist or more ornate, customisation provides a unique touch to the rings, representing the couple's love and devotion.
Free Delivery on UK Orders