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White Gold Emerald Diamond Bridal Set - White Orchid

Product Code: White Orchid

White Gold Emerald Diamond Bridal Set - White Orchid

Product Code: White Orchid

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Product Details

White Gold 950 Emerald Solitaire Engagement Ring and Princess & Baguette Channel Set Wedding Ring Bridal Sets

Width of the wedding ring is 2.5mm

The diamond options are :-

An eco-friendly 0.5 carat Lab Grown Diamond E Colour VS1 Clarity certificated diamond.


A natural 0.5 carat Diamond H Colour SI1 Clarity certificated diamond.


A natural 0.5 carat Diamond F Colour VS1 Clarity certificated diamond.

Don't forget everything carries a 365 day Moneyback guarantee, so buy with confidence and beat the price rises, and delivery in the UK is FREE. 

The diamond is certificated by GIA or IGI. If you want a specific certificate please Contact us to arrange

The Cut of the diamond will always be graded as either Very Good or Excellent.

The wedding ring can also be engraved.

The Halo Bridal Set Rings will be sent in a high quality wooden ring box - as shown in the images.

If you require a ring sizer leave the option set to yes on Do you need a ring sizer.

Lab Grown Diamonds


A Lab Grown Diamond set into a ring features a beautiful and sparkling diamond that is always excellently cut. Lab Grown diamonds are real diamonds that have been grown, usually from a small piece of mined diamond, called the "seed" in a specialised lab environment. They are indistinguishable from real diamonds because they are in fact diamonds, with the same carbon structure. The laboratory replicates the natural conditions under which diamonds were formed in the Earth’s mantle millions of years ago. For that reason, lab diamonds consist of carbon atoms in a lattice crystal structure which is exactly the same as mined diamonds.

What makes The Beautiful Company's white gold bridal sets unique?

The Beautiful Company's white gold bridal sets are known for their exceptional craftsmanship, timeless designs, and high quality. Each pair is expertly made to symbolize unwavering love and commitment.


Can you tell me more about the range of bridal set white gold rings offered by The Beautiful Company?

Certainly! The Beautiful Company offers stunning white gold wedding rings in various styles, including conventional solitaires and intricate halo patterns. Each painstakingly designed ring represents a vital symbol of love and peace.


What options are available for white gold bridal sets at The Beautiful Company?

The Beautiful Company sells many white gold wedding sets, including matching bands and engagement rings. Whether you want a simple and appealing look or something more polished, there is a set to suit your tastes and preferences.


Are The Beautiful Company's bridal sets rings made exclusively of white gold?

The Beautiful Company only sells high-quality white gold bridal sets and rings, ensuring longevity and timeless appeal. White gold is a popular choice for bridal jewelry because it is versatile and allows for a wide range of styles and combinations.


Can I find engagement and bridal ring sets together at The Beautiful Company?

Absolutely! The Beautiful Company offers a carefully curated variety of engagement and bridal ring sets, allowing couples to choose the ideal match for their big day. Each pair is intended to mix seamlessly, representing the journey of love and cooperation.
Delivery & Returns

This item is made from scratch to your specification. Delivery is in 14 to 21 days. If you need it by a specific date please tell us in the special instructions box you will see when checking out. If a return is required please send by Royal Mail Special Delivery.

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