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Why is The Beautiful Company so cheap?

Posted by Mark on February 2018 - Posted in: General News,
Why is The Beautiful Company so cheap?

Why are we so much cheaper than the High Street?

As you can imagine we get asked that question quite a lot, and its understandably really. On our Wedding Rings in particular you can save tens, even hundreds of pounds, on the identical item from us, and here’s why.

The major reason is costs, all those High Street names need shops, staff, stock, security, advertising, corporate offices to name but a few need to be paid for by someone.

They are paid for by you, the customer, in the large margins they have to put on the rings etc. that you buy.

We on the other hand are a low cost internet only organisation that buys direct from the manufacturer as people order, so we don’t keep any stock on site, and therefore don’t need high levels of security. We operate from a small office and whilst we do spend some money advertising online the amounts are miniscule compared to what the big names spend.

What some people then question is the product itself. For instance, are our platinum wedding rings really platinum? And if they are, do we make them hollow?

The answer to the first question is our rings in Platinum, like all our rings in precious metals, carry a government approved assay mark that guarantees the quality of the metal content of the ring. An assay mark is a legal requirement if you are selling an item of jewellery, and claim it to be made in precious metal, in a retail environment.

The answer to the second question is no, our rings are not made hollow (something that I believe is actually very difficult to do) - they are all solid metal.

So, when we say the "identical item", that’s what we mean. We source from the same suppliers that all the major names on the High Street do.

In fact, there are only about four or five large scale wedding ring manufacturers in the UK and we buy from just about all of them. Depending on what the item is we source from the best value supplier for that particular ring and pass on the savings to you.

Rest assured that the ring we will provide to you will be of the same standard of manufacture and quality of finish as any High Street name but at a much lower cost.

You will find many kinds of wedding rings on our site that are not readily available on the High Street, so potentially we can bring to that special design that will make you stand out from the crowd.

For instance: a complete range of rings in Palladium are not often offered as a choice in High Street shops. On The Beautiful Company website you will find all you could possible wish for, so happy browsing.

— Mark
Free Delivery on UK Orders